Shiseido Translucent Pressed Powder Review

Hi Beauty Geeks!

Today, I would be reviewing Shiseido Translucent Pressed Powder for you guys, which is a fairly recent addition to my vanity kit.

Product Description as per official website:

An extraordinarily smooth powder that matches every skin tone. Maintains foundation finish while keeping skin moist. Applies as an even, light veil that minimizes the appearance of lines and pores. Contains Super Oil-Absorbing Powder to absorb excess oil and prevent makeup from creasing for a beautiful finish that lasts all day.


I have a nasty T-zone skin in a pale skin tone and to say the least this little beast has been a saviour since the day I got my hands on it. When applied on the skin the Powder provides a subtle Matt finish to the makeup without making it appear cakey. It also tends to hide the excess oil that is normal visitor to my face. The best feature of this pressed powder is it’s translucent color that does not meddle with the base skin tone and keeps it intact in its color. Hence, it is not particularly visible when applied on skin. The Powder is excellent for under eye application in makeup. This is a great product for providing finishing to makeup done on oily skin, specially in humid climate. However, people with excessively dry skin might not find it as wondrous as those with oily type. The powder also helps in covering up pores and patchiness when applied on well moisturized skin in combination with foundation. If you prefer a overall Matt finish in makeup over Dewey finish then this is a worthy purchase.

The product comes in a jet black glossy finished pan small enough to fit your palm. The pan opens and closes flawlessly. The packaging also has a ivory colored sponge applicatior. The product is firmly pressed into the pan and doesn’t fall out helter skelter even if you turn it upside down, unless you take it out with the sponge applicator or a brush. Hence, zero wastage. This is smart packaging. It is completely odourless. This small packing is durable as a very little amount is enough for one time application. I believe that one pack would last me around a year even if I use it everyday. I purchased this 7g packaging from Shopper Stop for INR 1800. 

With my oily skin and humid Indian climate , Shisiedo Translucent Pressed Powder has been a precious find for me. For anyone with skin conditions similar to mine, this is a good product to stock. Although, a little steeply priced for the quantity, I think this is one product I am going to buy again for the flawless finish it provides.


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